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Apple tablet: 3G confirmed?

The Apple tablet is well into the construction process, and no mere pipe dream, it appears: you can now even buy parts for the mystery iTablet online. Does this SIM tray mean the Apple slate will be a network subsidised, 3G toting affair? Head on over to the, and you’ll find the SIM card […]

The Apple Tablet rumors had been flagging over the past few days, so it’s handy that the Wall Street Journal has come along with a shot of adrenaline and some interesting suggestions about the scale of Steve Jobs’ involvement.  In a piece that has already seen Jobs fire off an email suggesting “much of your […]



TabletMac now an Apple trademark

“A couple of years ago, a company called Axiotron announced an aftermarket modification for the MacBook that converted the Apple laptop into a tablet. The modification remains for sale at $699 and takes a stock MacBook, removes the keyboard and screen, and adds a Wacom pen-based screen to give the device a tablet form factor,” […]

Apple insiders for more than three year’s have predicted a release date, and all of them have been wrong.  So what has changed that makes the insiders predictions this time sound correct? Well for starters it is rumored that Apple has already contracted Taiwanese firms for key components and manufacturing of a the tablet device that is do […]

New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Time, People could be available via iTunes style store Nick Spence, Macworld U.K Rival publishers including Time, Condé Nast and Hearst are expected to team-up to offer a range of best-selling high-profile magazines on the iPhone, BlackBerry and other mobile platforms. More than 50 magazines including The New Yorker, Vanity […]



iSlate Beta Tester Comes Forward?

This story comes to us from the Huffington Post: Recently I was given just 24 hours to explore a first production build of the Apple iTablet and here are my first impressions and discoveries. First, it’s more like an iPhone than MacBook. The operating system depends on gestures, and expands the vocabulary. Your hand is […]

A new Apple patent application describes a system for simplifying the task of syncing devices and choosing which files to share between them and describes in detail a role for near field communication in enabling devices to be synchronised easily. The publication of the patent last week follows the news that Apple is believed to be prototyping […]

by Jim Dalrymple A new report from Digitimes on Thursday says Apple’s anticipated tablet will not be released in the first part of 2010 as originally thought, but rather in the second half of the year. One industry analyst said the timing of the release is irrelevant to Wall Street. According to Digitimes, Apple will […]

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