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Name, trademark fights? Just name the price, please!

There is a major buzz about the name of the new Apple tablet. iSlate, iTablet, iPad…. There’s also big buzz about the price. My guess is, in this particular time, in this particular economy, even the most avid and devout Apple consumer won’t purchase the iSlate (Well, I gotta call it something and fingers crossed it’s right!) if it’s more than $500. So, what’s the name matter, when it’s the price that will determine its success?

Initial reports from The Wall Street Journal were predicting the price to be around $1,000.

Then, a day or two ago, estimations were dropped to about $700. But just today, a report from was posted about a consumer poll that claimed that most consumers wouldn’t buy it if the price tag is that high. Check it out:

My money is on the bet that Steve Jobs and the rest of the Apple crew took the hint after the first generation iPhone was released for over $500 and they ended up dropping the price just weeks later by $200 and handing out loads of refunds for the difference to angry consumers. Not to mention, facing a costly lawsuit.
I’d be shocked if the price tag is over $500. Come on, Apple, you can do it! I believe in you!

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3 Comments for Name, trademark fights? Just name the price, please!

Moz | January 23, 2010 at 5:06 pm

If the rumoured 10″ display is true, then the iSlate will be the same size as a PowerGorilla backup battery. So in addition to the cost of the iSlate, I’ll need a visit to my tailor to adjust the size of my breast pocket. However, I’ll certainly buy one, as long as the cost is south of £1,000. Thank goodness that this time Jobs and crew appear to be putting the needs of the truly interested in tech before the needs of the handbags / nightclub crowd. The iSlate will be a godsend to techs, and ignored by fashionistas – which is as it should be. They can manage with their fiddly iPhones.

kenny | January 24, 2010 at 3:32 pm

given that apple seem to like to charge the british more, im guessing a price over £500 in the UK

Anonymous | January 24, 2010 at 6:43 pm

Well when the British or any other countries send products to the USA we pay this nasty little thing called import taxes and the consumer also gets to pay export taxes not to mention the difference in the curriencies. There are a few companies such as sephora that just change the symbol in front of the price tag and figure that it will all even out in the end. There are a few people that the technolgy will appeal to, but the price tag should be determined by the market that they want to gear it towards. Everyday users….of course I would not pay 500 for a notepad thingy, but if they are gearing it towards an executive crowd then the proposed price here is honestly not unreasonable. Every industry does this and it will continue to happen. This is what the free market does for you

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