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Obama vs. Jobs: Why?

Jan. 27, 2010, the fateful day: President Barack Obama’s anticipated address to joint sessions of Congress just a few short hours after Steve Jobs uncovers the truth about Apple’s newest creation. Los Angeles’ KNBC is pitting the two against each other, asking consumers to “Pick Your Savior: Obama or Steve Jobs”.

However, I wonder how many consumers have noticed that something is wrong with that picture? Go back, if you will, to 2008, the election of President Obama. Reports and pictures started flying around about President Obama, his administration and even Joe Biden, all using Apple products such as the iPhone 3G and MacBook Air. Here’s one such report from The Unofficial Apple Weblog ( with a big, clear picture from election night:

That would make them major Apple consumers and fans. If you ask me, there’s no competition. Should the iSlate be the next big thing in technology, I’ll place a bet that The Obama Administration will be placing a large order as soon as they’re able to. Assuming they haven’t already…. They are the government!

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