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Robert Hatten & Nick Schooler have been following the Apple frenzy for two years.  It started when they began discussing the possibility of an Apple tablet, how cool it could be and more importantly… What the heck would it be called.  After many discussions and some research it came to Robert one night while researching the term Tablet PC on Wikipedia.  One of the other names Wiki referred to was a Slate.  iSlate had to be it.  Robert immediately ran it across Nick.  After some quick research and quick thinking, we were able to secure the web address that night,, which cements our claim to have guessed the name of this new device…  Though it is not out yet, and we don’t know the Official name, we are pretty sure based on some very interesting research that iSlate will be the name Apple goes with.

About Robert Hatten:
Robert is a 14 year veteran of the Internet industry.  He is the Father of two great kids and a 20 year musician.  Robert owns and operates a private web services consulting firm called EP Interactive Studios (EPI). EPI provides a very wide array of web based services from Online Marketing, Design and Development and Network Engineering.

About Nick Schooler:
Nick is an avid computer enthusiast , SEO specialist and the proud father of two.  Nick prides himself methodically researching topics of interest and coming up with the facts.

About Richard Hatten Sr.
A Mac owner since mid-1984, Richard has been long-time Apple Mac evangelist. He has several years of retail experience with Apple products, including employment at the local Apple Store where he was a Senior Mac Specialist. Prior to that, he had a 35-year career in the financial industry with two major Southwestern banking institutions. His knowledge of banking systems and extensive experience with Microsoft systems gives him a unique perspective on users transition from Windows to MacOS X. His knowledge of the Macintosh user community started with his formation of two Macintosh Users Groups in Southern California in the 1980’s and his interest in Apple-related products/services continues to this day. He is often consulted by fellow Mac users for advice on all matters relating to the Macintosh and computing in general.

About Christopher Stumpf:
Mac Repair and Solutions Provider

About Rachel Crosby:
Rachel is a business journalist and tutor based in Newport Beach, Calif. She has written as a freelance journalist for the Dallas Business Journal in Texas.

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geekoid | December 26, 2009 at 12:27 pm

Yes, the “Is Late”… that’s about right.

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