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What’s in a name?

It’s becoming a feeding frenzy with all the iphone and tablet related rumors popping up.  The latest is about the name of the upcoming tablet device from Apple.  Personally I think it is horrible.  Macrumors is running a story about the name iPad being trademark registered recently around the world. It also makes note […]



Patents hint at Tablet future

Here’s a set of patents that Apple has filed for that may give us some insight into what they are planning for their upcoming tablet and future iPhones. Intelligent power monitoring “An electronic device operative to monitor and control processes and operations based on the power cost of those processes and operations are provided.” and […]



Well it looks like iSlate is out of the bag.

It looks like the name iSlate has gone mainstream.  We over at put all the dots together more than 2 years ago.  One of the connections that all other news site have left out is the “Record Last Updated” date has always been the same as all of Apple’s other sites like and […]

A new Apple patent application describes a system for simplifying the task of syncing devices and choosing which files to share between them and describes in detail a role for near field communication in enabling devices to be synchronised easily. The publication of the patent last week follows the news that Apple is believed to be prototyping […]

by Peter Kafka Leave it to the Apple-obsessed to go nuts over a three-word phrase in a week-old video of a two-week-old event. But that’s what they did yesterday. The text in question: The passing reference to an “impending Apple slate” by New York Times (NYT) executive editor Bill Keller in an address to his […]

14th July, 2009 by adriana Apple is considering as a possibility for the iPhone or the iPod touch, an application that includes a “multi-touch display screen with localized tactile feedback”. A grid of piezoelectric actuators that can be activated at will to provide a vibration feedback when you touch the screen is what the new […]

All in all, the iTunes Application Store offers a seemingly limitless array of games and gadgets for tech-savvy users.

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