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Your iSlate will recognize you?

There is a report according to Appleinsider at the WSJ that says the tablet will support multiple users and be user aware via facial recognition and the camera. This does not come as a surprise to me and I suspect that this is definitely a feature we will see.  I expect to see it appear […]

Apple has rented a stage at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and is rumored to be making a “major product announcement” on January 27. Many Apple insiders are confirming it will in fact be the new iSlate Tablet that gets the focus.  Jaffray analyst Gene Munster gives it a 50 percent chance of […]

The Apple Tablet rumors had been flagging over the past few days, so it’s handy that the Wall Street Journal has come along with a shot of adrenaline and some interesting suggestions about the scale of Steve Jobs’ involvement.  In a piece that has already seen Jobs fire off an email suggesting “much of your […]

By Dan Hope Dec 9th, 2009 Just when it seems the frenzy of Apple Tablet rumors has died down, an analyst for Oppenheimer has decided to pipe up with his own predictions. Based on his research into Apple’s supply chain, Reiner says we can expect to see the Apple Tablet as early as March or […]

A new Apple patent application describes a system for simplifying the task of syncing devices and choosing which files to share between them and describes in detail a role for near field communication in enabling devices to be synchronised easily. The publication of the patent last week follows the news that Apple is believed to be prototyping […]

by Jim Dalrymple A new report from Digitimes on Thursday says Apple’s anticipated tablet will not be released in the first part of 2010 as originally thought, but rather in the second half of the year. One industry analyst said the timing of the release is irrelevant to Wall Street. According to Digitimes, Apple will […]

by Peter Kafka Leave it to the Apple-obsessed to go nuts over a three-word phrase in a week-old video of a two-week-old event. But that’s what they did yesterday. The text in question: The passing reference to an “impending Apple slate” by New York Times (NYT) executive editor Bill Keller in an address to his […]

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