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Brad Barker to speak on Social Media and its contribution to the escalation of cyber warfare at the Black Hat UAE Security event in Abu Dhabi



iPad Verdict — Perfect!

I was summoned for jury duty. Apple iPad in hand, I reported as ordered. Free wi-fi in the jury assembly room made the interminable wait bearable. Actually… enjoyable! And what a bonus when I needed to find a local eatery during the 90-min lunch break. All doable with an iPhone of course.. but much more […]

  Looks like the business Android-based Cius wasn’t the only tablet out of Cisco (CSCO) this week, the company’s also announced a countertop unit built for home energy management that comes with a 7-inch WVGA capacitive touch screen with 800 x 480 resolution. The Tablet Runs on a Ubuntu Linux operating system and is powered […]



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Obama vs. Jobs: Why?

Jan. 27, 2010, the fateful day: President Barack Obama’s anticipated address to joint sessions of Congress just a few short hours after Steve Jobs uncovers the truth about Apple’s newest creation. Los Angeles’ KNBC is pitting the two against each other, asking consumers to “Pick Your Savior: Obama or Steve Jobs”. However, I wonder […]

Wired has an article with photos of a tablet prototype that Steve Jobs was working on way back in 1983! It looks very large and clunky by today’s standards, but think back to 1983 and what computers were.  Does anyone remember the Commodore  Pet?  Computers were huge back then. Anyway, the point of all […]

There is a major buzz about the name of the new Apple tablet. iSlate, iTablet, iPad…. There’s also big buzz about the price. My guess is, in this particular time, in this particular economy, even the most avid and devout Apple consumer won’t purchase the iSlate (Well, I gotta call it something and fingers crossed […]

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